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Wednesday Night Hop was founded in 2005 by Megan Sershen Hornbecker and Trevor Gattis. In 2007, other teachers were recruited to help teach classes and run the venue. The organizational structure evolved over time, as people moved on to other things (like making families) and new people came onboard to help out. WNH is now run by a steering committee, helped by team members and volunteers.

The steering committee is made of individuals who dedicate a lot of their free time to provide a place for people to come dance, take classes, and socialize. It's a labor of love for the dance and the community. Be kind of all the WNH staff. There are more of us than listed below.

Our Steering Committee

Lori Taniguchi

Patricia Chan

Robert Gatdula

Erfan Sadeqi Azer

Sol Zitter

Nick Gonella

Brynna Hayes

Gilles Bouvier

Our Guests Teachers

Alana Tran

Ali Wilkening

Audrey Ho

James Yeh

Jeannie Tran

Juanita Dickhaus

Karen Huddleston

Kevin Weng

Paige Stanley

Paul Csonka

Peter Bullen

Roger Thiede

Roni Chau

Sam Nguyen

Our Founders

Megan Sershen Hornbecker

Trevor Gattis

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