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A one, A two, ...

Sara Joelsson discovered Lindy Hop in 2007 and had the pleasure and privilege of learning the basics from Lennart W. and other members of the Harlem Hot Shots dance company at Chicago Swing Dance Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. In early 2009 she decided to take a break from dancing to focus more on her long-distance running, but a spontaneous day-trip to the 2010 Herräng Dance Camp fully reignited Sara’s love for moving to swinging jazz music. Previously only dancing as a follower, she started learning to lead and continued to enthusiastically embrace all that the Stockholm area had to offer in the way of international workshops and dance camps until she relocated to the SF Bay Area in late 2017.

Listening to and dancing with the music, making simple moves look and feel good, being present in the moment together with your dance partner, and not taking yourself too seriously are some of the concepts that are close to Sara’s heart when it comes to dancing and teaching Lindy Hop. On the social dance floor, she’s equally happy to lead or follow – and if you would ever ask her for advice on how to improve your dancing as quickly and efficiently as possible, she will without a doubt tell you to do more solo jazz.

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