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Paige Stanley first discovered Lindy Hop in 2018 in a failed attempt to take a friend ballroom dancing for their birthday (PSA: Mobtown Ballroom in Baltimore, MD is a swing dance venue). The birthday celebration turned out wonderfully, and thereafter Paige started taking lessons, social dancing, and attending whatever events she could find through her move to California where she found Wednesday Night Hop and For Dancers Only.

Paige is all about community building, and believes Lindy Hop and swing music have a special way of doing so by bringing smiles to peoples faces with lighthearted improvisation, blending cultures as this African American dance spread around the world, and creating conversational connections within partnerships. Paige very quickly picked up leading in addition to following to ensure there was no one she couldn’t dance with, and has recently started teaching to enable even more folks to get started dancing and join in on all the fun.

After a long day of coding health and fitness algorithms, Paige loves nothing more than the chance to move, groove, talk, and connect with other people. Her other hobbies include playing guitar, knitting, giving unskilled tarot readings, weightlifting, hiking, and reading; preferably not all at the same time.

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