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Megan Hornbecker is a talented dancer, instructor, performer and choreographer. She started Lindy Hopping in Santa Barbara in 1996. After moving to the Bay Area in 1997 she jumped into the swing revival in San Francisco, social dancing a minimum 5 nights a week and attending as many workshops, camps and classes as possible.

In 2000, she was a member of Paul and Sharon’s 20 couple Grease Monkeys performance at Swing Camp Catalina, in addition to Rob and Diane van Haaren’s performance troupe The Swing Cats Rhythm Revue. Megan has traveled the country and globe dancing, teaching and performing and has organized numerous lindy exchanges and events to promote Lindy Hop, indcluding SFLX 2001 and 2003. She combines her love of lindy, blues, shag and tango with her unique styling and sense of humor to create fun and inspiring classes.

From 2000 – 2006 Megan performed around the Bay Area with her dance troupe The Swing Cats Rhythm Revue. In 2005 she and Trevor founded Wednesday Night Hop, formerly known as Sunnyvale Swing and Steppin’ Out. After taking some time off to pop out two kids, Megan is back and can be found dancing at the 9:20 Special and Wednesday Night Hop.

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