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Richard Perkins and Margot Helm have been dancing together since 2006 (even earlier, if you count the bad 90’s rock days). They built their jazz, Charleston, and Lindy foundations with Swing Patrol on the mean streets of Melbourne, Australia, so you’ll have to forgive them if they dance with a bit of an accent. Soon after returning to the US in 2008, they discovered Wednesday Night Hop. Then they developed a new addiction in Balboa during a year-long bender involving some friends and a hardwood dining room floor.

They dance with the Bay area performance troupe, Double or Nothing, and even choreograph routines from time to time. They are also co-founders of For Dancers Only, the South Bay venue for Lindy/Balboa/Shag/Blues addicts. They look forward to getting you hooked on swing dancing and jazz music too.

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