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A one, A two, ...

Julie Tsai, a native New Yorker, transplanted herself a number of years ago to attend college in California. While in the Bay Area, she discovered the addictive joy that is Lindy Hop from Rob and Diane Van Haaren. Since then, she’s been having fun dancing her way through Balboa, Shag, solo jazz, blues and non-swing dances like waltz and Argentine tango.

A founding and continuing member of the Swing Cats Rhythm Revue and The Academy of Danse Libre, Julie enjoys teaching social dance to all levels and performance choreography. She wishes to convey to all her students the joy of dance in any form and ability to appreciate the music that shapes it.

When not doing dance-related things, Julie works in community health and enjoys jumping and eating in places foreign and domestic, reading, weaving, and attempting gardening.

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