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Jeannie Tran originally caught the social dancing bug in the Latin dance communities of eastside San Jose. In 2008, she moved to the small town of San Luis Obispo and discovered that there were social dances for the Jazz and Blues music she always loved growing up. As a small scene, due to the limited local instruction (and dance partners), SLO dancers were always encouraged to travel (often in droves) to the nearby dances in SF or LA. From her mentors, Jeannie picked up a voracious appetite for traveling, learning, and live music.

As a creative movement and social dancing enthusiast, Jeannie has since picked up a little of most dances under the sun from Balboa to Zouk. She delights in breaking down a dance to it’s basic building blocks to gain insight on how to push the edges of possibility. Jeannie firmly believes in musically-driven movement and giving back to the musicians. As a result, you’ll often find her stretching her creative dance muscles to live music wherever it can be found.

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