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Jamie Shen’s love of Lindy Hop began in St. Louis, where she fell head over heels with the spontaneity of jazz music and social partner dancing. Her dance journey was sadly paused during the pandemic, but to make up for lost time, Jamie began fervently dancing all over the Bay in 2023. During this time, she found her way into the wonderful community that is Wednesday Night Hop.

On the dance floor, Jamie finds joy in playing with rhythm, call-and-response dialogues, cooling off in front of the fan, and being silly. As a teacher, she strives to instill solid foundational techniques, comfortable and clear partnership dynamics, social dance etiquette, and appreciation for Lindy Hop’s African-American roots.

Besides Lindy Hop, Jamie likes to cook with friends, hike, take photos, dabble in other street dances, and cat-sit.

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