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Erfan Sadeqi Azer started swing dancing in Vancouver, Canada in 2014 by attending a drop-in lesson with his friends. Shortly after, he moved to Bloomington, IN for grad school and learned most of his swing dance at Indiana University Swing Dance club. He served this student club as Instructor, DJ, officer, and president. He was an organizer of Big Red Swing weekend for 4 years in a row.

Erfan loves to highlight the roots of Lindy Hop and its unbreakable tie with Big Band Swing Era Jazz music. Erfan sees all the exercises and lessons ranging from routines, footwork, and connection serving the musically rooted nature of lindy hop. Beside Lindy Hop, Erfan enjoys Solo Jazz, Charleston, and Saint Louis Shag. He looks forward to serving the Lindy Hop community with any opportunity he finds.

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