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Brynna Hayes fell in love with dance when she was four-year-old watching Singing in the Rain for the first time. She loved that dancing could be goofy, or romantic, or over-the-top expressive, or subtle… and she endeavored to find out all the fun ways in which her body could move to music. In 2010, Brynna discovered swing dancing at UC Berkeley during her freshman orientation, when she saw a bunch of dancers outside having a blast while effortlessly swinging out. From that moment, she was hooked.

Brynna aims to foster an open and supportive environment in her classes, where her students feel comfortable experimenting using their bodies and interpreting the music in creative ways. In her teaching, she loves to focus on each person’s unique style and quality of movement, and hopes that her students leave each class feeling both challenged and motivated. On the social dance floor, you can find her leading or following, so come her ask to dance either role (or switch!)

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