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Andree George began swing dancing in 2011 at his college club in Gainesville, FL. In the decade that followed he spent time learning, traveling, teaching, and competing in an effort to push himself as a dancer. Currently, he teaches at the Breakaway in Oakland, and occasionally at lindy by the lake. During his travels, he has competed at several local and regional events, most recently placing in the 2021 camp jitterbug mix and match. In his spare time he also enjoys choreographing and performing routines.

He describes his style of dancing as playful and conversational. Each dance is treated as a chance to try something new or revamp something old. He brings this energy to each lesson, encouraging his students to play with a variety of ways to change the feel of the dance and to converse with their partner and the music. Most of all he tries to embody the spirit of the dance as it began as a contrast to the more well-defined ballroom dancing of the era. He believes that the only rule in dancing is to have fun.

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