Every Wednesday night from 9:30-11:45, we’ll be swinging the night away with hoppin’ music from wonderful deejays from around the Bay Area.

Is it your birthday? From out of town? First time out to Wednesday Night Hop? Be sure to let us know so that you can have a jam at about 10:15pm! Not only is the music great, but the people are fun & friendly too! Mixers, Shim Shams, Tranky Doo, and Big Apples, are all part of a regular night of fun!

We offer weekly classes prior to our dance party, see details here.


White Out Party w/ free photo booth

  • December 19, 2018

The idea behind the  WHITE OUT  party is simple: celebrate the snow! And since we don’t get snow outside here, we bring it inside in the form of white clothes. So, make sure to wear something  WHITE  for the dance,…

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Silver Bell Jazz Band

  • December 5, 2018

The Silver Bell Jazz Band represents authentic jazz with a beautiful blend of jazz roots that moves the soul. With international Lindy Hop instructor Ryan Calloway leading the band, they play with a special focus towards dancers.…

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