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Performance – Original Choreo by Susan Mart

Original Choreography by Susan Mart – PARTNER REQUIRED
Get ready to perform! You’ve mastered swing outs and your connection skills are solid. It’s time to take the next step with Performance Basics, led by Double or Nothing members Susan Martindill and Margot Helm. We will cover:

  • Blocking – how to hit your mark and maintain your spacing in a group using traveling moves
  • Choreography – how to balance group coordination with your personal flair through a series of choreographed steps
  • Performance – Where should you look? What should you do with your hands? Learn how to put the finishing polishes on your routine to make it performance-ready

You should be an intermediate or above level swing dancer with good connection and knowledge of lindy hop basics. Please sign up with a partner.

PRE-REQUISITES: Students must sign up with a partner for this class. Students should be comfortable with swing outs and the connection for similar level moves.

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