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Level 3 – The Big Apple (solo jazz)

The Big Apple was a national phenomenon that blended the circle formations of African-influence with the trendy jazz figures and rhythms of the time. Popular moves were called in a manner similar to square-dancing and each dance was new and the figures particular to the region. However, most lindy hoppers today will only recognize Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers who displayed this dance as a choreographed routine in the film, Keep Punching (1939). This routine is long and complex, requiring a wide breadth of jazz vocabulary and rhythm, but most importantly, it’s incredibly energetic and fun! Come challenge yourself to learn this famous choreo in only five weeks! (And for those familiar with the shout circle, but get lost during the line, please note that we will start with that second half promptly on Week 1. So don’t skip any of the earlier classes!)

PRE-REQUISITES: At least nine consecutive months of Level 1 and Level 2 including one full year of social dance, or discuss your eligibility with instructors. Under-qualified students will be asked to transfer to Level 2 in order to strengthen their fundamentals.

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