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Level 3 – Epiphanies

This class series will cover 3 distinct topics with different teachers each week:

Week 1: Music & The Movement with Brynna & Chris
This class will focus on conversations with your partner through the music, how to listen for inspiration, and teach you technique to share your dancing ideas.

Week 2: Jazz Step Improv with Yulia
Solo jazz moves constructor: several easy ways to create new moves and enhance your solo dancing. This knowledge will help you feel more confident in your dancing and use more creative movements with ease.

Week 3: Redirection Rock-Out with Yulia & Paul
Explore unusual and fun partnered momentum redirections! Followers and leaders will learn techniques for cool new ways to catch, absorb and fluidly redirect each other with varied tempo music. (Note: this class isn’t focused on teaching figures, but will focus on teaching concepts).

PRE-REQUISITES: At least nine consecutive months of Level 1 and Level 2 including one full year of social dance, or discuss your eligibility with instructors. Under-qualified students will be asked to transfer to Level 2 in order to strengthen their fundamentals.

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