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Elective – California Flight School (PARTNER REQUIRED)

Prepare to soar! Fly with us and learn classic and dynamic airsteps such the Pancake and Lindy Flip. The class progresses from basic concepts of basing and flying, with an emphasis on safety and fun. These are the aerials for the California Routine, so this series integrates seamlessly with the Level 3 California Routine performance class; take both series to learn the ultimate Routine!

Note for those who took the Flight Academy classes last summer: this course will cover different aerials.

PRE-REQUISITES: Partner required, as you’ll be working as a team together for the full series. Any combination of guys and gals are fine. Clothing should be comfortable, with no large buckles or other hard objects; bases and flyers should both wear level sole shoes (no heels please). We’ll cover more details in the first class. No dance experience needed, but a sense of adventure required:) See you on the tarmac!

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