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Deep Dive – B-Section Dancing (me & music)

B-Section Dancing (me & music)
Meant to be the next level after last year’s Journey classes, these new Deep Dive classes are geared toward Int/Adv dancers who want to push their dancing both technically and creatively. For this month, we’ll explore how to dance to the sections of the music that are lower energy moments. We all know what to do when the chorus of a song drops (swing out!!!), but what do we do during the “B” sections of songs? In this class, we’ll aim to explore the questions: How do we craft a dance to tell a full story, from beginning to middle to end? And how do we change our quality of movement and repertoire to dance those lower energy sections?

PRE-REQUISITES: 6 months of Journey, Level 2, or Intermediate/Advanced Level classes (or equivalent).

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