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Core Concepts – Swingout Variations

Swingout Variations
The Swingout is a core movement of Lindy Hop. It’s taught to beginners in their first classes as the basic that people can return to while they learn other skills, moves, and techniques.

The wonderful thing about the swingout is that there are so many different ways to change it to fit with your partner the music and how you’re feeling in the moment. We want to return to that core and discover the many ways that you can make your dancing more fun and flashy by giving you tools to make your swingout not just a placeholder but an emphasized part of your dance.

By the end of this class, if you were limited to only doing the swingout for a whole dance, we will give you the skills to have dynamic vibrant dances for the whole night.

PRE-REQUISITES: 4 months of Beginner FUNdamentals or comfort with 6-count Lindy Hop, 8-count Lindy Hop, and Charleston. No partner necessary.

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