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Core Concepts – Building on Your Dancing: 2 Counts at a time

Building on Your Dancing: 2 Counts at a Time
We’ve taken a 6-count and 8-count series, but what is 2-count dancing? Instead of thinking about the dance as always having a certain number of counts or rhythms, we can chunk our dance in 2 counts to help us shorten, extend, or vary moves. In this class, we’ll learn how we can build and interchange our steps like Lego pieces, which is the foundation for learning variations, expanding your moves vocabulary, and upping your musicality to better fit the music structure. And likewise, we’ll use this idea to help with smoothing out our transitions between moves we already know.

PRE-REQUISITES: 4 months of Beginner FUNdamentals or comfort with 6-count Lindy Hop, 8-count Lindy Hop, and Charleston. No partner necessary.

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