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Balboa – Foundation: Bal Swing

Balboa – Foundation: Bal Swing
Originating in the Balboa Peninsula of Orange County, the Balboa combines intricate footwork with smooth body movement, to create a dynamic and fast-paced dance that is fun to watch but even more fun to do!

In this series we’re going to explore the “open” side of balboa with bal-swing movements that originate from the original LA Swing movements that the dance inherited. In this class we’ll explore the out and in and the lolly movements. Come learn what it means to be rotational!

PRE-REQUISITES: Completion of 3 months of Beginners, 6 months of Journey and/or social dancing weekly for a full year. No partner necessary. Students are expected to arrive with curiosity, kindness, and a willingness for self-directed study.

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