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Balboa – Foundation: Bal Swing (Toss Outs)

Balboa – Foundation: Bal Swing (Toss Outs)
Originating in the Balboa Peninsula of Orange County, the Balboa combines intricate footwork with smooth body movement, to create a dynamic and fast-paced dance that is fun to watch but even more fun to do!

In this series we’re going to explore the “open” side of balboa with bal-swing movements that originate from the original LA Swing movements that the dance inherited. In this class we’ll explore the out and in and the toss-out movements. Come learn what it means to be rotational!

PRE-REQUISITES: No previous Balboa experience is necessary (nor Lindy Hop). No partner necessary. Fundamental Balboa Classes are taught “from scratch”. Students are expected to arrive with curiosity, kindness, and a willingness for self-directed study.

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