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Adventure – Blues: Intro to Stride

Blues: Intro to Stride
Born out of Harlem in the 1920s, The Stride (the dance) developed alongside Stride Piano (the music) as musicians began blending musical styles of ragtime and blues. As the tempos slowed, dancers would travel around the perimeters of the ballroom with elegant but long-reaching steps (or, as they call them, strides) to the constant drive of the bass line.

The class will begin with the basic step and moving in and out of promenade to close embrace. We’ll then walk you through taking corners, redirections, and a few basic turns.

PRE-REQUISITES: Stride is danced in close embrace (aka chest-to-chest), so please be open to learning to dance with this connection. No previous dance experience necessary. No partner required; just bring your enthusiasm and comfortable clothes!

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