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Advanced: Small Groups – In the mood: Music, Expression, and Individuality

In the mood: Music, Expression, and Individuality
One of the core values of jazz and Lindy Hop is to express your authentic self. Now that you have built up some vocabulary and are comfortable with the fundamentals of the dance, how do you go about adapting moves not just to different partners, but different songs, artists, and styles? This class will be an intensive-style exploration into how we listen to the music, how far we can push our movement, and how deeply we’re willing to introspect.

PRE-REQUISITES: Completion of 3 months of Beginners, 6 months of Journey and/or social dancing weekly for a full year. Comfort with some basic solo jazz vocabulary will be helpful, but not required. No partner necessary. Students are expected to arrive with curiosity, kindness, and a willingness for self-directed study.

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