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Adventure – Intro to Air Steps: Lifts and Tricks

Intro to Air Steps: Lifts and Tricks
Whether displayed in Hellzapoppin’, the Gap commercials, or that viral ULHS Youtube video, lifts and air steps are an integral part of the roots of Lindy Hop. In this class, dive deep with us on the fundamentals of lifts, slides, and tricks, with partnering considerations and crucial safety practices. Along the way,…

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Deep Dive – Add to Your Dance: Counterbalance!

Add to Your Dance: Counterbalance!
Do you feel like your Lindy is missing something? We’ll talk about building your dancing through counterbalance – where you and your partner turn connection into motion. Join us for an exploration of trust and movement into your dance style.

PRE-REQUISITES: 6 months of Journey, Level 2, or Intermediate/Advanced Level classes (or equivalent).…

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Core Concepts – Lindy Hop Performance Class

Lindy Hop Performance Class
For the first time ever, our July performance class will be choreographed to an original song composed specifically for this class by our very own dancer-composer extraordinaire, Eric Kong! In this high-energy Lindy Hop choreography, we will play with stretch and momentum and learn how to become more dynamic social dancers.

BONUS: Take this class together with the July Air Step class and perform the lifts and tricks in the routine!…

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