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Adventure – Intro to Tap for Lindy Hoppers

Intro to Tap for Lindy Hoppers
Lindy Hop is a rhythmic dance at its heart, but a lot of Lindy Hoppers have never trained the essential rhythm dance, tap! This class aims to introduce tap fundamentals using the familiar language of Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz. Students should expect to challenge their rhythm ears, learn essential tap steps and combinations,…

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Deep Dive – Turrrrrns! (me & myself)

Turrrrrns! (me & myself)
Turns, turns, turns! What are the differences between spins, step step turns, and triple step turns? How do we make turns smooth and comfy? How do we make turns expressive and creative? In this collaborative learning class, we’ll focus on exploring the turning mechanisms in our body and in our partnership. Our goal is to provide you with skills that extend beyond the course,…

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Core Concepts – Introduction to Bal Swing

Introduction to Bal Swing
Join us for Bal Swing with our beginner-friendly class. Prior Pure Balboa experience can be helpful, however, is not mandatory. In this class, you’ll learn basic footwork, connection techniques, and characteristics that define Bal Swing. Participants should be comfortable with close contact, as aspects of Balboa can involves maintaining close physical proximity with your dance partner.…

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