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Journey – Me: TBD

Independent improvisation is core value of partnered swing dance and nowhere is this more visible than in variations: the injection of personal styling and rhythym into well-worn dance patterns. Test your balance, rhythm, and coordination with these stylings that will spice up your 8-ct, 6-ct, and charleston moves!

PRE-REQUISITES: Three months of Beginners and/or four months of weekly social dancing.…

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Small Groups – Remains to be Seen

Remains to be Seen
Clips class! The importance of the visual medium in our understanding of the dance, acknowledging the inherent limited (and often racist) perspective of filmed evidence, overview of famous historical clips for dance recreation and inspiration, our modern model of making visual records of the dance (considerations of what we do and do not capture),…

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Journey – Me: Move This, Not That

Me: Move This, Not That
Cross-body movement! Footwork isolations! Fake-outs! How do we add improvisation and creativity to our vanilla moves without throwing partnership under the bus? This series will focus on building your balance, isolation, and energetic movement in leaders and followers. The Journey series cycles through topics of self-movement, partner communiction, and musical expression to level-up your social dance skills!…

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Small Groups – The Rhythm in You

The Rhythm in You
Everyone has a song in their heart! This class will focus on developing your unique relationship with the music and how to use it to unlock organic dance movement. There will be exercises to improve your expression and communication of musical ideas, as well as partnered and peer group experiments to spark your creativity.…

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Journey – Me & Music: Dancing to Trad Jazz

Me & Music: Dancing to Trad Jazz
This class will explore early jazz music and its influences across the decades. Learn how to move yourself and maintain attentive and clear partner connection even up to faster tempos. Discover how different jazz music inspires fresh vocabulary and moves. The Journey series cycles through topics of self-movement, partner communication,…

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