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Wed Oct 21: At A Glance

Wed Oct 21: DJs Chayant & Alex N, October Series continue, Drop-ins welcome

We are very excited to have a new home! With the gorgeous space that FUMC is offering us in the middle of downtown Palo Alto with all its great food options, what’s not to love? However, some things will be different; please take a moment to read through the following list to help you make your experience at WNH’s new location the best it can be.

Come Earlier
We can’t stress this one enough. Please allow yourself plenty of time to figure out parking, and navigate the new building; with the earlier ending time (see below) we’ll be stricter about starting and ending classes on time.

Bring More Shirts
Our main floor is gorgeous, but doesn’t have AC. There will be fans aplenty, but please consider bringing more shirts to change, in case you need them.

Absolutely No Food On Dance Floors
There’s a kitchenette area where we’ll have our usual snacks. Please don’t carry any food onto the dance floor. It’s truly gorgeous, let’s leave it this way!

Don’t Go Where You’re Not Supposed To
FUMC is a big and beautiful building, but we’re only renting a part of it. We’ll have signs blocking off the parts of the building where we’re not allowed. Please help us out by not going past these signs.

Dances Will End at 11:45
Our new venue is in a residential area, therefore an earlier ending time. Please be considerate of our new neighbors and leave the venue quietly.

No Band in October
We are doing a soft-reopening to make sure we respect the sound level limit. We will have live music on November, 4th. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for the fun themes and parties coming up this month.

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