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Wed Nov 22: At A Glance

Wed Nov 22: We are closed this week
Field trip to Cat’s Corner

We are braising the turkey/tofurkey, WNH will be closed!

For those of you whose feet get too itchy to dance on Wednesdays, we hope to see you at Cat’s Corner in San Francisco. Cat’s Corner is a great venue up in the city that we never get to visit due to scheduling conflict; but the Thanksgiving week is one time of year where we get to go and meet the city’s Wednesday dancers! We hope you can join us.

Carpooling details coming up shortly on our Facebook event page.

Swingin’ at the Savoy registration is open.

Special guests are coming: Norma Miller, Chazz Young, Chester Whitmore; as well as talented instructors from close and afar. Snatch your pass early to get a better price. This event always sells out!

Gilles Bouvier
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