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Wed May 11: At A Glance

Wed May 11: May Series Continue
Free 15-min Frankie Shim Sham lessons
Announcing Lindy Prom on 6/1

LINDY PROM is coming up on June 1st, and you — yes, you! —
can be a part of putting it together!

Each year we’re forming a prom committee, which decides on the theme of the party, as well as creates the decorations and the shenanigans that they want. Are you creative, full of ideas, and want to take part in this awesome yearly event? We’d love you to join us!
Email us at or talk to the MC at the dance.

During the month of May, join us for the free 15-minute lessons where we’ll teach the Frankie Manning Shim-Sham, the most common line dance performed by Lindy Hoppers across the globe.

Camp Jitterbug & The NorthWest Lindy Hop Championships is an exciting event that draws lindy hoppers from around the country and instructors from around the world. It will get you inspired and will take your dancing to a new level. There is still time to register!

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