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Wed Mar 30: At A Glance

Wed Mar 30: Special 2-hour long Drop-ins
Shim-sham & Tranky Doo

March has five Wednesdays in it, and you know what it means — special workshop classes! We’re excited to learn two of the most performed routines among Lindy Hoppers — the Shim Sham, and the Tranky Doo. Our classes for each of the routines will be two hours long (with a short break in the middle); you’re welcome to sign up for both hours, or just for a half of it. Please note that 5th week classes are not included in your series registrations; all sign-ups will be drop-ins at the door.

The Shim Sham w/ Doug & Andrew (7:15pm – 9:15pm)

The ultimate classic in solo jazz routines for Lindy Hoppers! Originally a routine for tap dancers, the swing dance world quickly appropriated it with simplified footwork and many different versions by famous dancers. Over the course of two hours, you will learn the entire classic shim sham routine originally given to us by jazz dancer great, Frankie Manning, as well as some variations to add your own special flavor. Enroll in both class slots for the whole deal, or only take one to focus on the half that befuddles you.

The Tranky Doo w/ Margot & Katie (7:15pm – 9:15pm)

Come learn the entire Tranky Doo solo routine in two hours! This playful and intriguing dance is named after a famous chorus girl and will challenge your rhythm, teach you new moves, and improve your solo movement. Enroll in back to back class slots for the entire routine, or only one class slot for the half that befuddles you the most.

Learn any of these popular routines, then join the crowd and show off your stuff during the dance! A one, a two, you know what to do.

Gilles Bouvier
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