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Wed Mar 16: At A Glance

Wed Mar 16: March Series, Pajammy Jam Theme Party

March series continue this week, and you can still drop in. We advise that you review what you learnt last week, using our youtube videos.

Learn the Charleston in Level 1. Our elective series this month is Balboa Fundamentals with Margot Helm & Richard Perkins. Get your Bal on, and practice in the Balboa room from 10pm to 11pm. Idalia Ramos is back at WNH to teach level 1 and level 3 with Philippe Wilson.

The coziest party of the year is coming up! As usual, we’ll have slumber-themed games and prizes. Stuffed Animal Balboa, anyone? Feeling like trading some sheep cards? Be sure to keep your attire family-friendly, come flaunt your cutest sleeping garbs, and dance at your comfiest!

Gilles Bouvier
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