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Wed Feb 14: At A Glance

Wed Feb 14:
Balentine’s Day in Balboa Room

Violets are green,
Roses are blue,
Lindy Hop is great,
And we  Balboa, too.

Would you be my Balentine?

Come and celebrate Balentine’s Day at WNH! As you know, every second Wednesday of the month we have the Balboa Room for all Balboa lovers among us; but this month, in honor of Balentine’s Day, the Balboa Room will have something for everyone! And by “something” we mean sweets, of course. Because what else is Balentine’s day for, if not for shuffling with all the Balentines to great music, and eating sweets? Come one come all, check out the great tunes by DJ Arnold, try the steps you’ve learned in Balboa class, and have a sweet time!

Swingin’ at the Savoy
Feb 23-25, 2018
A Celebration of Lindy Hop and Jazz

Swingin’ At The Savoy is an event to celebrate Lindy Hop & Jazz, the joy of the dance and the music, their heritage and history. The event is open to dancers of all ages and promotes Lindy Hop & Jazz dance and music education, open-mindedness, playfulness, and creativity. Its goal is to help build and strengthen the Lindy Hop community.

Snatch your pass now before it sells out!

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