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Wed Apr 27: At A Glance

Wed Apr 27: Spring Festival & Clothing Swap
April Series Conclude

It’s that itch that we humans get with an offset of spring, the itch of getting rid of the old, and starting something new… the Spring Cleaning! And what can better take care of that itch than our beloved Clothing Swap. You know the drill: bring over your NEW or SLIGHTLY USED and CLEAN clothing, shoes, or accessories you no longer want. We’ll have a corner where you can put / hang your things and look at stuff that other people brought. If you like something, it’s yours! At the end of the night, don’t forget to pick up your items that weren’t claimed by anyone, as everything that is left behind will be donated. Everyone is welcome to participate! We usually have more things brought than taken, so by all means, stop by and take a look!

April Series registration is closed but you’re welcome to drop in.
May Series registration is now open.

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