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First United Methodist Church
625 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto CA
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» Doors open at 6:45pm «


7:00-8:00pm: Adventure & Deep Dive classes
8:15-9:15pm: Beginners & Core Concepts classes
8:15-9:15pm: Newcomer Taster class
9:30-11:30pm: Dance Party

First Wed: New Series & Live Music
Second Wed: Fast Room
Third Wed:
Theme Party

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We offer four progressive classes and a newcomer taster class every Wednesday night. Progressive classes are organized in monthly series and we encourage students to sign up and attend the whole series. The newcomer taster class is a new class every week and perfect for new dancers. Check this FAQ for details.

For more pricing information, see here.
Dance Party$10 (DJ dance) / $20 (Live Music dance)
Newcomer Taster class (includes dance)$16 (DJ dance) / $26 (Live Music dance)
Series (4-week, includes dance)$72 (1 x series) / $108 (2 x series)
Series Drop-ins w/ DJ dance$20 (1 x class) / $30 (2 x classes)
Series Drop-ins w/ Live Music dance$30 (1 x class) / $40 (2 x classes)

Each dancer must register separately due to our waiver requirement.

Dance Party & Newcomer Taster Class

The Newcomer Taster class is from 8:15 to 9:15pm. The ticket includes the dance admission. Make sure to arrive on time, door closes at 8:25pm.

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Progressive Class Series
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Progressive Class Series Drop-ins

Our class series are progressive. We only allow drop-ins the first two weeks of the month. If you sign up for a series drop-in after the first week, you will be expected to know the material that was taught the previous week.

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Trouble with our store or registration? 

All attendees will be required to wear a mask during classes and follow the direction of the staff when it comes to wearing a mask. Wednesday Night Hop reserves the right to cancel or change date/time of the events. In the event of a cancellation, tickets will be refunded.


We host fun dance parties every Wednesday, with live music once a month. Come dance with us!

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