Swing Dance Party - Every Wednesday Night in MOUNTAIN VIEW
9:30pm to Midnight — LIVE MUSIC $12!

Week of October 22nd

Series Final Week! DJ Arieh! Live Music!

It's Band Night
Usually we don't have more than one band a month, but Emily Asher's Garden Party are coming from New York, and are just too awesome to pass on. They are a treat!

It's Balboa Time
We're super excited for our classes this month! Balboa will be our Elective topic till the end of the year, and this month Margot & Richard will be teaching it from scratch -- while the series of November-December will build on the material taught in October. Be sure to hop on the Balboa train!

October Series Continue
We're very glad to have Carla Heiney teach one more month for us -- be sure to catch a class with this world-famous instructor while you can! Check out the schedule below and register online! Each week, you can choose 2 of our 4 fantastic classes. More details on Lindy Hop lessons »

» Registration for October drop-in classes «
» is at the door «

November Series Sneak Preview
We're very happy to have another talented guest instructor back to teaching with us this month, Miss Gaby Cook! If you weren't lucky to take classes with her earlier this year, let us remind you -- Gaby is an internationally acclaimed dancer and instructor, the founder of the Sweet 16 all-girls troupe in San Francisco, and mostly resembles a tiny ball of pure energy. You'll greatly benefit from her classes... and will surely enjoy them as well!

» Online registration is OPEN for Oct-Nov series classes «
» Register now and don't wait in line «

Class review videos
You can review what you learnt in our series, check out October video playlists:

Links for you
Looking for more info about the Lindy community, check out our links page.

Swing Dancing & Lessons

Every Wednesday night features new lessons & fun dancing at Cheryl Burke Dance in Mountain View. Class includes free admission to the dance party.

Here's the schedule (prices vary on band nights):
     9:30pm to 12am — Swing Dance Party — Band Night $12 ($6 for 24 & younger)
     8:15pm — Level 1 Lindy Hop & Elective — $16 drop-in
     7:15pm — Level 2 Lindy Hop & Level 3 Lindy Hop — $16 drop-in

Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. Punch cards available.
WNH has a special discount price policy for individuals 24 or younger!

See you there!
Gilles, Lori, Tamara, Doug, Lee, Eliott,
Margaret, Tim, Tom, Matthew, Glen

Wednesday Night Hop! Wednesday Night Hop!
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Upcoming Events
10/22 Series Final Week
@ 7:15pm
Level 2:
6- & 8-count Remixed

w/ Eliott & Lori
Level 3:
Connected Rhythm Games

w/ Carla & Gilles
@ 8:15pm
Level 1:
6-count Lindy Hop

w/ Carla & Gilles
Balboa Fundamentals

w/ Margot & Richard

10/22 Dance Party
w/ DJ Arieh
(band breaks)

10/22 Live Music
Emily Asher's Garden Party

Our Location!

Cheryl Burke Dance
1400 N Shoreline Blvd #A
Mountain View Directions »

Classes Every Week! (Drop-ins welcome)
Next Lindy Hop Series Classes Start on October 29th!